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Subsea World News spreads the Alocit word

Applying paint under water! Surely that’s not possible? It’s a fairly typical response we get from engineers at oil and gas exhibitions all over...

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Dates with destiny

A&E Systems success in the corrosion control industry in Australia with Enviropeel is punctuated with four key success stories. 2005 – Robil Engineering in...

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Alocit specified for underwater protection of Japanese bridge

A&E Systems heavy duty coating Alocit has been specified for a tough bridge protection project in the Japanese city of Osaka before the Rugby...

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Coatings evolve to be green, clean and cost effective

Civilisations have been using paint since the earliest humans’ daubed images of animals on cave walls, with examples in Australia going back at least...

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Thermoplastics in history

1892 – The first thermoplastic was invented by English scientist Alexander Parkes and demonstrated at the London International Exhibition. 1908 – George Eastman produced...

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Refurbishment program turns hard working CA application machine into belle of the ball

After 15 years, working 12 hours a day, seven days a week in the harsh environment of Western Australia’s Pilbara region you could be...

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