Dates with destiny

A&E Systems success in the corrosion control industry in Australia with Enviropeel is punctuated with four key success stories.

2005 – Robil Engineering in Western Australia won an Australian Engineering Excellence Award for developing a unique method to protect pulley systems on mining conveyors from premature failure caused by ingress and corrosion. The award for its Engineering Protective System utilised Enviropeel, a sprayable thermoplastic coating which Robil initially introduced to Australia to protect components stored in the open from dirt and corrosion, eliminating the need to carry out remedial work on stored components before use. Robil’s pioneering work on pulleys extended bearing life from an average of nine months to three years saving Australia’s mining industry millions of dollars a year. It is now standard maintenance procedure on mining operations all over Australia.


2005 – The first power station to use Enviropeel was Powerlink in Queensland.




2006 – The first gas plant to use Enviropeel was Karratha Gas (Woodside), based in Western Australia’s North West.




2010 – First major project with Enviropeel on an offshore platform was on board the Origin Energy Platform in the Bass Strait with contractors United Rope Access. The application unit used was the very first unit leased to a contractor in Australia.

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