Refurbishment program turns hard working CA application machine into belle of the ball

After 15 years, working 12 hours a day, seven days a week in the harsh environment of Western Australia’s Pilbara region you could be forgiven for thinking it was time to throw this old Enviropeel application machine on the scrap heap.

But as part of A&E Systems refurbishment program the second generation CA12 Base Unit now looks like the belle of the ball and is ready to go back to work providing many more years of corrosion protection for critical components used on mine sites in the Pilbara.

It might not look much in its pre-refurbished state, but the old girl had performed long and hard in one of the harshest environments on earth.

It now has a new life as a 2019 CA12 Pod Unit.

The conversion involved the removal and replacement of damaged and worn parts, full service of tank, wiring and electronics, a new aluminium pod frame and trolley, reconditioned pump, new removable hose case and a complete clean and coating where required.

A&E Systems refurbishment program involves bringing machines up to the current standard and converted to Pod units.

A project with Pinjarra engineering company Quality Assured Contracting has developed a new lightweight aluminium frame, completely portable and liftable for mounting onto trailer or work bench and also completely modular so gas detectors and IECEx items can be bolted on to make the machines offshore ready.

Tank capacity can easily be increased by dropping in a new tank or swapped for a twin tank unit and adding a tank for dual colours and large capacity spraying of the environmentally friendly and VOC free thermoplastic polymers.

The modular units are designed to be completely flexible.

Machines can now be lifted at height and meet all global lifting standards through a huge weight reduction achieved from the introduction of aluminium frames rather than steel.

The move to aluminium also substantially reduces shipping costs, in some cases by up to two thirds.

There are also significant cost savings for refurbished machines and depending on the features required in the new machine could be less than half the $39,000 list price of a standard machine. It’s also worth noting that prices on these machines have dropped substantially over the years.

The refurbished machine in this case study video would have cost approximately $60,000 15 years ago.

A&E Systems believe around 70 per cent of the heated thermoplastic application machines in Australia would benefit from A&E Systems refurbishment program giving them many more years of useful service.

While a client’s existing machine is being refurbished, A&E Systems has CA Application Machines available for hire.

If you want to see what a remarkable difference a refurbishment can make have a look at the before and after video.

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